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Tube Filling Machine

Devikrupa Industries Revolutionizes Tube Filling Machine

Introducing the DI 40 TF Tube Filling Machine by Devikrupa Industries – your definitive solution for precision tube filling and sealing across cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and foodstuff industries. Our expertise transforms into exceptional results through this advanced tube filling and sealing marvel. Engineered to perfection, this filling machine caters to plastic tubes, metal-plastic laminates, and aluminium laminates with a remarkable speed of 40 to 50 tubes per minute.

tube filling sealing machine


Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer in India

At Devikrupa Industries, we have harnessed top-notch components and advanced technology to create the DI 40 TF, ensuring unparalleled quality and performance. This Linear Tube Filling Machine stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our DI 40 TF Tube Filling Machine finds versatile applications across metal, plastic, polyfoil, and laminate tubes with a cassette infeed system. Adhering to the highest technology standards, this machine guarantees maximal productivity and quality. In accordance with cGMP standards, our equipment is designed for sterile rooms and laminar flows, offering easy changeover without the need for tools and minimizing downtime. The tube lifting mechanism is carefully controlled by a mechanical lifting mechanism or a servo motor, ensuring precise and efficient operations.

Maintenance and cleanliness are paramount. Our machine design grants excellent access for both cleaning and maintenance procedures, reflecting our commitment to a hassle-free experience.

Devikrupa Industries presents an extensive selection of Automatic Linear Tube Filling Machines meticulously designed to meet the requirements of the Cosmetic, Food, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical Industries. Whether it's our standard models or customizations tailored to your specific needs, our machines are built to fulfill your production demands.

With the DI 40 TF Tube Filling Machine, Devikrupa Industries defines excellence in the tube filling arena. Our machine's versatility and precision pave the way for a seamless tube filling experience. Trust in our technology to revolutionize your tube filling operations and elevate your productivity to new heights.

Technical Specifications of Tube Filling Machine

Tube Size 12 MM TO 32 MM OD.
Power Utility 2.5 H.P. 1 Phase / 50/60Hz. / 220 V A.C. 
Filling Speed 25 to 30 tube /M. Depends on filling Vol.
Ac drive for varying speed.
Use of Letter   Metal Letters For Coding.
Dimensions     1000 mm Length App.
650 mm Width App.
1250 mm Height App.
Net Weight       450  Kg. Approx.
Gross Weight   600  Kg. Approx.
Special Feature
  • Manually loading, Rotary Dish Type Compact Design.
  • No tube no filling system.
  • Correct & Uniform filling

Optional Accessories of Tube Filling Machine:

  • Stirrer for hopper
  • Hopper with Jacketing and heater.

Note:  Specification of the machine is subject to change without prior notice.