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Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Manual Capsule Filling Machine by Devikrupa Industries

Introducing the Manual Capsule Filling Machine, an epitome of precision and convenience, engineered by Devikrupa Industries to cater to the diverse needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, Ayurvedic, Herbal, and Dietary Supplement industries. This remarkable manual capsule filler is designed for small to medium batch size requirements, offering unparalleled value in capsule-filling operations.

The Manual Capsule Filling Machine stands as an invaluable asset in industries seeking manual capsule filling solutions. With the competence to expertly fill and close hard gelatin capsules containing powder and pellets, this manual capsule filler proves its mettle across various domains. Our collaboration with pharmaceutical manufacturer’s underscores our commitment to precision, ensuring capsules are accurately filled to set new benchmarks in capsule-filling operations.

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Manual Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturers

Operated manually, the capsule filling process is simplified yet efficient. With the ability to open, fill, and close capsules at a rate of 300 per cycle, the machine handles a range of capsule sizes from 00 to 5, necessitating simple parts interchange for different sizes. The basic model of this filling machine includes a single size change part set, while customized change parts for varying sizes can be requested to match specific needs.

The Manual Capsule Filling Machine redefines versatility, capable of producing up to 8000 capsules per hour, making it an ideal choice for clinical research organizations and specialized laboratories requiring cost-effective solutions for smaller production runs. Easy dismantling ensures hassle-free maintenance and cleaning, contributing to its seamless operation.

Designed to accommodate a wide variety of capsules, this machine is an exceptional offering at a competitive price point. Stainless steel 304 is meticulously chosen for contact parts to guarantee structural robustness. Non-contact parts, in contrast, are manufactured using mild steel and hard chrome plating, ensuring an appealing aesthetic.

A testament to its capability, the 300 Holes Manual Capsule Filler effortlessly handles challenging powders and products. This manually operated marvel features a bed with approximately 200 to 300 holes, a loading tray, a powder tray, a pin plate, a sealing plate with a rubber cap, and a lever. Its loading tray with around 250 holes delivers an impressive production rate of about 6250 capsules per hour.

For small-scale manufacturers and hospitals requiring immediate preparations, the Manual Capsule Filling Machine provides unmatched utility. Capsules are separated into their two parts, loaded into the tray, filled with the desired materials, and sealed—a streamlined process for efficient output.

Experience the power of precise manual capsule filling with the Manual Capsule Filling Machine by Devikrupa Industries, setting new standards in the art of capsule production.