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Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Devikrupa Industries: Elevating Efficiency with Linear Bottle Washing Machine

Devikrupa Industries takes great delight in producing high quality linear bottle washers that guarantee faultless and effective performance. Our linear bottle washer, model DI 100 ALBW, has been painstakingly engineered to produce flawless results. We provide you a bottle washing machine that is a tribute to our commitment to perfection thanks to our devotion to precise engineering.

Modern technologies are used in our linear bottle cleaning machine to improve performance. Our machine ensures comprehensive and accurate cleaning because to its six internal washing zones, each of which is equipped with 60 and 120 jets. The machine's sturdy design incorporates contact components made of sanitary and long-lasting superior SS316-grade materials. High-grade SS304 materials were used in the construction of the machine's primary frame, further increasing its sturdiness.

linear bottle washing machine


Automatic Linear Bottle Washing Machine

The approximately 10 to 200ml bottle size range is supported by the DI 100 ALBW Linear Bottle Washing Machine. Two tanks and pumps are included in this adaptable apparatus, enabling streamlined and effective operations. Our machines correspond to global quality standards thanks to ISO certifications, giving you dependable and secure performance.

Our washing machine stands out for its versatility in washing order and sequence, which can be customized to your particular requirements. The individual washing areas guarantee complete sterility and uphold the highest hygienic standards. This bottle washer maximizes resource use while producing excellent cleaning results, with a water consumption capability of 500 to 700 liters per hour.

Our DI 100 ALBW Linear Bottle cleaning Machine provides unmatched adaptability with its five separate cleaning zones. Our machine is built for energy efficiency, which helps to reduce power consumption while operating at a power consumption of 5.0 HP. The machine's impressive processing speed of 230 bottles per minute demonstrates both its great productivity and efficiency. The linear cleaning system guarantees thorough and reliable cleaning.

An impeccable and flawless cleaning experience is ensured by the intermittent bottle washing systems. The automated infeed and exit features of the machine provide smooth operations, optimizing your business. Our DI 100 ALBW Linear Bottle Washing Machine is the best option for both flat and round bottles, consuming air at a rate of 25 to 30 CFM.

Consider the DI 100 ALBW Linear Bottle Washing Machine from Devikrupa Industries to take your bottle cleaning procedures to new heights of efficiency and dependability. We provide solutions that adhere to the highest industry standards while putting a strong emphasis on innovation and client satisfaction.