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Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

The Rotary Bottle Washing Machine, a compact and highly powerful machine that combines practicality with elegant design, is proudly offered by Devakrupa Industries in Ahmedabad, India. Our rotary washers are specially designed to deliver exceptional performance in a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, cosmetic and agricultural.

Built with reliable and precise construction, our rotary bottle washer matches its impressive appearance with its efficiency and ensures hygienic construction to meet industry standards, all interconnecting parts of the washing machine are made of SS 304 material.

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Model : DI 64 RBW

Devikrupa Industries: Your Solution for Rotary Bottle Washing Machines

Our rotational Bottle Washer, which utilizes the rotational movement concept, is powered by the renowned "GENEVA" mechanism. This cutting-edge technology ensures dependable performance, increasing the washing process' overall effectiveness. Our machine, which was meticulously designed, can wash a variety of bottle sizes, from 15 ml to 1000 ml, and it can wash 100 bottles per minute at its top pace.

An outstanding product in our line-up is the DI 64 RBW model, which allows for manual loading and unloading of bottles. This device is made to accommodate bottles of various sizes, giving you operational versatility. Our machine is built with a stainless steel finish, including the frame structure, and complies with strict hygiene standards in addition to offering great performance.

Rotary Bottle Washing Machine Manufacturers

Devikrupa Industries takes pleasure in producing Rotary Bottle Washers while paying close attention to client requirements. All sections of our machines that come into touch with the washing zone and jets are made of stainless steel 316, ensuring the highest level of hygiene. The machine's intermittent bottle handling system extends the amount of time spent washing, resulting in a more comprehensive and efficient cleaning procedure.

Our machine offers adaptable choices for customized washing sequences to meet particular needs. The washing procedure is tailored for flawless outcomes with four unique washing zones. Our Rotary Bottle Washer also has an exterior washing option, which further boosts the process' efficiency.

In keeping with our dedication to quality and compliance, the DI 64 RBW model washes at a rate of 60 bottles per minute and is built to comply with GMP specifications for washing glass and plastic bottles. You make an investment in a trustworthy partner for your bottle cleaning requirements when you pick Devikrupa Industries. Our attention to precise engineering, performance, and client satisfaction is best demonstrated by our Rotary Bottle Washing Machine.

Technical Specifications of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

Model DI-64  RBW
Output / Hour* 2600 to 6000
No. of Container Holder 64
Direction of Machine Clock wise
Electric Specifications Main Motor 1 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Pump (2 Nos.) 1 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz X 2 Nos.
Electric Heaters 3 kW.
Tank Capacity 75 Ltrs. S.S. 316 (2 Nos.)
Wash Cycle 4 Inner+1 Outer
Working Height 860 mm ± 50 mm
Change parts required (A) Neck Dia.: Neck holding pocket
(B) Flat Containers : Special type of cups
Input Specifications
Container Size Round 30 mm to 100 mm 30 mm to 80 mm
Respective Height : 50 mm to 270 mm
Neck Dia. : 20 mm to 28 mm
Flat / Square Length : 30 mm to 100mm
Length : 30 mm to 80 mm
Width : 10 mm to 50 mm
Height : 58 mm to 190 mm
Consumption of Water
First Wash 200 Ltrs./Hr. 230 Ltrs./Hr.
Second Wash No consumption as such, water loss during re-circulation shall be compensated
Third Wash 200 Ltrs./Hr. 230 Ltrs./Hr.
Fourth Wash No consumption as such, water loss during re-circulation shall be compensated OR Air Wash
Outside Wash 200 Ltrs./Hr. 230 Ltrs./Hr.
Utility Requirement
Electric Supply 3 Phase + Neutral + Earthing
Electric Load 5 kw
Air Consumption 5 CFM @ 6 kg

Salient Features of Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

  • Extremely simple and user friendly design based on Geneva Mechanism
  • All contact parts are made of SS 316
  • Four inner (Included one air wash) & one outer washes
  • Sequence of washes to customer’s choice
  • Stationary nozzles ensure contamination free water cycles
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Individual solenoid valve for each washing sequence
  • Higher capacity centrifugal pumps to wash bigger bottles
  • The stationary nozzles avoid chipping of bottle necks
  • Pumps and tanks are mounted on portable stand for easy maintenance
  • Bottle guide system especially for lightweight bottle
  • Pumps and Tanks are mounted on Portable stand for Easy Maintenance
  • Separate control panel to avoid any short circuit due to spraying of water
  • S.S. Glycerin filled pressure gauges