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Capsule Loader Machine

Presenting the Capsule Loader Machine by Devikrupa Industries, a paramount solution to streamline and enhance the capsule loading process. This ingenious machine is meticulously designed to automatically load empty capsules into the loading tray of manual capsule filler machines, revolutionizing efficiency and precision.

The DI ACL Capsule Loader Machine is an indispensable asset across various industries, proving particularly advantageous for medium-scale pharmaceutical companies and Ayurvedic herbal product manufacturers. This automated capsule loader not only simplifies operations but also significantly reduces labour and time expenditures. Its compact design ensures minimal space requirement, while its remarkable capability delivers both high production rates and exceptional accuracy.

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Model : DI 300 ACL (GMP)

Capsule Loader Machine Manufacturer & Exporter

Primarily tailored for medium and large-scale pharmaceutical enterprises, the capsule loading process becomes an effortless endeavour with the Capsule Loader Machine. With the ability to load 300 capsules into the loading tray, housing 300 holes, in a mere 28 seconds, this loader machine boasts unmatched efficiency. The machine's components are thoughtfully designed for easy removal, facilitating hassle-free maintenance.

One of the standout features of the Capsule Loader Machine is its automatic stop function after the loading process is complete which not only ensures precision but also aids in conserving resources. Its user-friendly operation requires minimal technical expertise, making it accessible to semi-skilled labourers as well.

The Capsule Loader Machine is built using top-tier manufacturing practices, guaranteeing its durability and longevity. This machine proves to be a prudent investment, yielding impressive outputs while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Its installation is straightforward, and its operation is seamless, promising a hassle-free experience.

Experience a transformation in your capsule loading operations with the DI ACL Capsule Loader Machine. Designed with efficiency, accuracy, and convenience in mind, it is the epitome of innovation in the pharmaceutical and herbal industries.

Devikrupa Industries: Your Trusted Partner for Capsule Loader Machines

As a renowned Capsule Loader Machine Exporter and Manufacturer, Devikrupa Industries is committed to delivering excellence in every machine we offer. Our DI ACL Capsule Loader Machine exemplifies our dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a range of advanced features, remarkable efficiency, and a user-friendly interface, our capsule loader machine is your pathway to streamlined operations and enhanced productivity. Choose Devikrupa Industries as your partner for reliable, high-performance machines that redefine industry standards.

Technical Specifications of Capsule Loader Machine

Output 120 Trays per Hours. Approx. Depends on shape & size.
Capsules Size 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 
Motor W Gear box Standard Motor of 3 Phase / 0.25 HP/ 414 V / 1440 RPM. With Imported Gear box. 50 Cycles.
Power Supply  230 V Ac / 1Phase Stabilizer Power.
Dimensions     630mm Length App.
780mm Height App.
430mm Width App.
Net Weight 85 Kg. Approx.
Gross Weight   125 Kg. Approx.
Design  To fill all standard size capsules.
Special Feature  Low investment, High Output, Very simple to Operate, Easily removable parts, sturdy fabrication assured durability.

Optional Accessories of Capsule Loader Machine:

  • Stirrer for hopper
  • Hopper with Jacketing and heater.

Note:  Specification of the machine is subject to change without prior notice.