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Multijet Vial Ampoule Washing Machine

Devikrupa Industries: Elevating Vial and Ampoule Washing with the Multijet Vial Ampoule Washing Machine

With Devikrupa Industries' Multijet Vial Ampoule cleaning Machine, experience the cutting edge of semi-automatic vial and ampoule cleaning technology. This adaptable and dependable device is a monument to innovation because it was created to uphold cGMP standards and the highest levels of cleanliness.

The Multijet Vial Ampoule Washing Machine was crafted with accuracy and refinement and sports a stainless steel design, assuring longevity and compliance with the strictest hygiene requirements. With the aid of the proper changing parts, it can handle glass vials with a capacity ranging from 2 ml to 100 ml as well as ampoule sizes ranging from 1 ml to 20 ml. Every machine contact point is painstakingly made from superior Stainless Steel 316L or FDA-approved materials, demonstrating our dedication to quality and safety.

Multijet Washing Machine

DI 340 MJW

Semi Automatic Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine

This lab-scale vial washer embodies efficiency and ease with its semi-automatic operation. The machine's cutting-edge timer-operated solenoid valve mechanism allows for a thorough washing cycle with six phases completed in a single order. The Multijet Ampoule & Vial Washing Machine was expertly designed, and it finds significant use in small and medium-sized injectable businesses.

The Combi trays, which are essential to the washing procedure, are carefully made from sturdy cast nylon materials. These trays have precisely the right number of holes for the ampoules' diameter, offering the best support and security during the cleaning procedure. To accommodate various ampoule sizes, the machine offers a variety of needle plates with 53, 100, 189, 240, and 340 holes. This guarantees a precise fit for every ampoule, resulting in reliable and complete washing outcomes.

In order to meet the demands of various industries, Devikrupa Industries is extremely proud to provide a machine that can precisely wash glass ampoules ranging from 1ml to 25ml. Precision engineering and cutting-edge design come together in the Multijet Vial Ampoule Washing Machine, which promises remarkable performance during each cycle.

Redefining your vial and ampoule cleaning standards is easy when you use Devikrupa Industries' Multijet Vial Ampoule cleaning Machine. We guarantee that our solutions are perfectly in tune with your demands thanks to our unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.