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Ointment Mixing Plant

Ointment Mixing Plants play a pivotal role in seamlessly homogenizing semi-solid and liquid components to produce a diverse range of products including ointments, creams, lotions, and gels. This intricate process involves a trio of distinct vessels, each performing specific operations. These vessels are interconnected through pipelines and valves, creating a cohesive and automated ointment mixing plant.

The Water Phase Vessel effectively heats water, while the Oil Phase Vessel transforms jelly or wax into a liquid state. The Manufacturing Vessel takes the helm of blending all the ingredients seamlessly. The synergy between these vessels results in a comprehensive and efficient process. For the attainment of uniform blending, both bottom and top entry agitators are equipped onto the vessels. Additionally, a high-speed chopper, positioned at the bottom of the manufacturing vessel, facilitates high shear mixing operations.

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Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Cream Manufacturing Plants represent the pinnacle of modern manufacturing techniques, significantly enhancing production efficiency. These mixing systems are vital for producing top-quality products in diverse industries such as pharmaceuticals, herbal products, and cosmetics. The plant's exceptional features contribute to its flexibility, making it a formidable asset for manufacturers. Its capabilities are underscored by premium features that ensure unparalleled performance.

Ointment Mixing Manufacturing Plant in India

Devikrupa Industries proudly stands as a leading ointment mixing plant manufacturer in India with a global footprint. Our plants adhere to cGMP standards and are equipped with validation protocols to meet stringent regulatory requirements. The incorporation of a PLC system with a touch screen MMI and optional SCADA packages speaks to the advanced technology integrated into our plants. With a comprehensive range of packages at your disposal, there's no need to search further for cream, gel and toothpaste manufacturing plants.

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