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Semi Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine

Automatic Ampoules & Vials Horizontal Sticker Labeling Machine

automatic gum labeling machine


semi automatic sticker labeling machine

Products Highlights

DEVIKRUPA INDUSTRIES Makes semi automatic Sticker Labeling Machine is very useful to paste self adhesive labels on filled bottles of glass or pet in round shape with help of Sensors & electrical control panel.

Machines is most user friendly so can manual Feeding & quick Adjustment of different sizes bottles & labels without any change parts.

Can paste Neat Clean & registered location pasting labels with help of timing mechanism.


These Machines are suitable for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Agriculture, Chemical , food and Beverages, Liquor electrical tools & hardware etc. Industries

Technical Specification

For technical specification & more details

GMP model machine is with SS 304Material cladding on Mild steel main body &top plate.

All other parts like shafts, collars and Brackets, Pressing device Plate, feeding support guide, Cover and other parts are from SS 304 & Aluminum material.

Optional Accessories at extra cost :

  • Batch coding unit like pneumatic or inkjet.

Note: Specification of the machine is subject to change without prior notice.