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Automatic Linear Bottle Airjet & Vaccume Cleaning Machine


Products Highlights

DEVIKRUPA INDUSTRIES Makes automatic linear bottle Air jet & Vacuum cleaning machine is very useful to clean the empty round shaped glass or pet bottles with help of change parts. Bottles are put into turn table in inverted position when Geneva assembly Rotate. The row of Bottles keeps on moving intermittently due to Geneva motion for individual cleaning as per the cycles arrange. And Bottle cleaning by Inner side.


These Machines are suitable for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Pesticides, Chemical, food and Beverages, Liquor . Industries

Technical Specification

For technical specification & more details

GMP model Machine construction in fully Stainless Steel finish including machine frame structure. All parts coming in contact with Washing Zone and Jets are made from SS 316 Materials. Bottles are feed through S.S. wire mesh conveyor, The machine will be provided with SS pumps and SS tanks

The machine will be provided with SS pumps and SS tanks

Note: Specification of the machine is subject to change without prior notice